An overview of running
An overview of running-Running is a very integral part of our life. If you believe in living fitness that you must have known that how running is effective in terms of losing your body fat.
In fact, running is enjoyed by millions of people because it is always good for both men and women. Before running you need to have a good pair of shoes, which can provide you better stability while running.
Running for some people can be daunting because of their knee issue. I would not recommend for those who’ve high knees issue, instead, you can do cycling, elliptical, etc. If you wanna running, you can do it considering your current knee condition under supervision.

What are the Benefits Of Running?

  • Running burns more calories than any other activities
  • It helps prevent osteoarthritis and osteooporisis.
  • It is a great and most efficient way to achieve aerobic fitness
  • Running is a stress buster, and has also been shown to raise good cholesterol, lower blood pressure, boost your immune system and strengthens ligaments around your joints.
  • Running is also better to treat depression and other psychological disorders

Precautions Before Starting For The First Time

This is not easy that anyone can do it, before moving ahead, consult your doctor that you are fit from inside and outside. There will be days when you can feel like you are hardly moving, gradually, focus on your speed, and don’t forget to carry a water bottle so that you can keep your body hydrated. Le’s see some more precautions step by step-
  • Always pay attention to your warm-up before starting any activity for 5-10 minutes.
  • Wear a good pair of running shoes which are comfortable and fit.
  • Most importantly, if your lifestyle is sedentary for over a year and has a blood pressure issue, get your check up done before starting a running program in order to do away with any mishappening.
  • Start with walk or run or you can alternate between intervals of walking and running. This is similar to HIIT ( High-intensity interval cardi). Like start with 1 minute of walking and then 30 sec running or 1 minute of running and 1 minute of waking.
  • Control your speed, like you’re not able to talk to yourself or with a partner. Lower down the speed otherwise, you will reach anaerobic zone. To know about anaerobic zone- Read about Heart training.
  • Create your weekly running schedule to incorporate your regular habit. Remember, concentrate on your frequency instead of speed and distance.
  • Cooldown is very vital after performing any high-intensity workout. Do cool down by doing some walking and jogging for 5 minutes
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What Are The Types Of Running

There are different types of running you already know it. However, you also perform several types of running including:-

1.Treadmill Running

Treadmill running is the best alternative you can say to running outside. Not matter how the weather condition is out there still, you can perform without missing your running schedule. 

2. Trail Running 

Trail running is a great option for those who love enjoying exercise in peaceful and scenery place. Train running also takes place on hiking trails of varying terrain, from mountain to desert. 

3. Road Running 

This is one of the great and most popular types of running if you have a habit of running, then you must have loved this running. You can do this from different styles like running on paved road, sidewalks, and paths. But one drawback of this running is you have to rely on weather only. After tuning weather foul. there is a bit harder to step out of the house for some. Who are not accustomed to this condition.

4. Racing

Racing is an intense type of running activity but unfortunately, it is not for everyone especially for a beginner who’ve never experienced any running program. Most people love racing just for fun not to win any medal.

Running In Hot Weather 

  • Any light colored clothes can be helpful in terms of cooling down your body and proper wind from outside. I would suggest, avoid wearing tight and dark colors clothes in hot session. Remember, dark colors absorb the heat and sunlight. Also, you can cover your head and mouth with a scarf and hat.
  • During the time of your competition or any intense workout, bear in mind weather, so that as per that you can prepare yourself. Hot and humid conditions could not be the ideal choice to take a step up and push yourself into that. If possible, try to walk slowly and take walking breaks as well, Instead, you can do treadmill running if the weather is out of your control.
  • Water is very important for every sport. Water is very helpful; during running in order to cool your body down. If you are overheating, splash water on your body and head so that you can get rapid relief from the heat. No matter what sports you follow, always carry a water bottle with you even you are doing gym.

Running In Cold Weather

  • Cover your head, hands, and legs with proper clothing. Wearing a hat to prevent heat loss, so that your body will have sufficient heat to distribute all around your body. Make sure, stay away from cotton because it holds the moisture and will keep you wet. Instead, wear an outer breathable layer of nylon in order to protect you against precipitation and wind.
  • Don’t overdress ever, so that you can also feel cold once you start running. If you are enough comfortable and warm-up when you start 1 running, you can easily start sweating so early. That is why avoid wearing very heavy clothing.

Hydration For Runners

On the top list water, when you lose through sweat, you need to drink before, during and after your runs.
No matter this is hot or hold. In order to keep your properly hydrated that is a must. In fact, while you run, you should focus on your thirst and drink immediately when you feel thirsty, don’t late.
For general rule of drinking water, you should drink water 4 to six ounces every 20 minutes of your runs.
One hour before your run, try to drink about 16 ounces of water or any non-caffeinated fluid. Make sure just before your run, don’t drink any fluid which can force you to go to the toilet during your run.
Long races/runs tips that you must keep in mind-
  • If you workout more than 80-90 minutes or more, then you have to carry extra sports drink like Gatorade or any other sports drink you prefer.
  • Be hydrated several days before your long race or run.
  • On the other hand, if you don’t have access to water while running, make sure carry your own fluids with you, and at the right time, you can drink that. Moreover, in a race, you don’t have to carry your own fluids because, in a race, there are water stops.
  • Until your urine is dark yellow, it means you are dehydrated. Make sure you are enough hydrate after long runs until your urine is a light yellow color.

What to eat before and after a workout 

However, I have previously covered what to eat before and after workout.
  • Before your run, you have to eat light that is high in carbs low in fat and fibers. Complex carbs are always preferred source for every fitness freaks because it is slow releasing and provide you sustainable energy. Eat 60–90 minutes before starting off your running.
  • And after your workout or long run. you need to replenish your muscle glycogen (stored glucose). Eat simple carbs ( fast digestive carbs) and protein within 20-30 minutes of completing your run.
  • Last but not the least, if your running is longer than 90 minutes, then you definitely need the energy to continue your running that you are burning. The general rule is consume 100 calories after an hour and another 100 calories every 45 minutes.
Finally, this is the complete guide “an overview of running”. Don’t forget to share so that everyone can understand the complete process.