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Many of you may have heard of fitness myths that are most popular around us. Today, we’ll burst some of the common Fitness Myths that you must know. Let’s burst these together, then no one can make you fool in your fitness journey.
Even if you want to boost up your mood, slim down or tone up, there are a lot of so-called Teachers (Gurujis) that start giving you advice like if you are gaining weight, don’t do cardio and abs otherwise, you won’t be able to gain weight or muscle. How stupid is this advice, isn’t it? haha. Not at all, always remember, the right information and right guidance can unlock your destination key and make you successful in any field.
Here are the some most commons workout myths and misconceptions. along with the real science behind it that can help you meet your fitness goals in a good and healthy manner.

#1 Myth-Weight Training Is For Men

However, I’ve previously written about all about weight lifting for women.Fact:- Weight training is one of the best things to burn more calories and strengthens your muscles. It has nothing to with your gender, expert says, women don’t have enough testosterone than men do. In fact, primary male hormone is testosterone and estrogen women’s primary hormone, testosterone is mainly responsible to build quality muscle in men.
Due to less amount of testosterone in women, they are not genetically enhanced to build as much muscle as men can readily,

#2 Myth-Crunches Are The Best Way To Get Abs

Fact:- As you know, crunches target your abdominal muscles, and most renowned abdominal exercise around fitness freaks. but here is the catch, doing crunches isn’t the best way to get six pack abs. Since one thing cannot work alone, there are a lot of other factors involved like your diet, rest and workout by adding some variations, etc
They don’t help in a big way with fat loss, says Wayne Westcott, Ph.D. professor of exercise science at Quincy College. Whereas crunches can help to tone your small portion of your abs including your butt, shoulder and engage your entire core, as per the study. Whenever you perform crunches, make sure use proper form so that you can avoid any mishap during the time of performing.

#3 Myth-Only Need To Workout Once a Twice A Week To Stay Fit

Fact:- Is there is something wrong ? exactly, in fact, if you want to stay fit or in shape, there is no magic wand that can make you fit all year round without doing any physical activities. Hello, how is it possible? I don’t think so, you think then do comment and tell me also how you managed.
Just a minimum of 3 days per week for a structured exercise program is great. An exercise scientist told. Everyday or a minimum of  3 days you should do physical activity taking into consideration your diet as well.

#4 Myth-The More You Sweat, The More You Burn

Fitness Myths and facts
Fact-OMG, this is one of the most trending fitness myth that sweat more, burn more. Now, who are spreading this myth? Friends, there are many and you must’ve heard in your life many times, i personally heard a lot.
Listen listen, a body has cooling mechanism system, so whenever your body temperature goes above normal range around 37°C by doing an activity, obliviously your body starts off cooling down process itself in order to keep the temperature normal of your body.
So, it doesn’t really mean that you are burning more calories than usual. And sweat is a biological response that helps cool down your skin and regulates the internal body. There is no direct co-relation that you are sweating a lot and thinking i am burning more calories. Not at all.

#5 Myth-Best Time To Exercise In the Morning

In fact, I’ve written a post on what is the best time to exercise to lose weight. and I have talked about in detailed.
Fact- Every time is the best time there is no boundation, whatever time allows you to exercise most consistently. In fact, you have to make a physical fitness habit daily, whether you go to the gym at night or evening will work almost the same, but in order to get the maximum result make sure, you’ve eaten your meal 4-5 hours before you go to the gym.
However, some research shows that working out first in the morning might help speed up your weight loss, Because early in the morning, your insulin level is low in the body, because of which your body taps the fat quickly.
Now, you may wonder then where is this myth. Stop, you can get the same benefits in the evening as well if you design your workout smartly.

#6 Myth-Running Is Bad For Knees

Fitness myths
This is again a very hyped myth. Friends, ask them why are you trying to spread this kind of rumor. How foolishness is this, isn’t it?
Fact– You know, Stanford University study found that older runners knee were no less healthy than those who don’t run. In fact, the knee doesn’t put a bad effect on your knees as long as you’re doing the same running exercise over and over again on the hard or uneven surface or has already knee injury, then chances are pretty high to have a knee injury. Rather than running on the treadmill every day, do- cycling or stair-master or elliptical, etc.
If you do everyday running exercise on the treadmill or outside the gym especially, on a hard surface, then there is a lot of pressure on your knees on daily basis resulting in a knee injury simple. Make proper running strategy.
Although, expert recommends doing a total body workout at least twice a week apart from regular jogs to build the muscles and support the knees. Good to go.

#7 Myth-Yoga Is Not A Calorie Burner

Yoga does improve strength and flexibility and overall fitness health, it is not much aerobic activity, as per the ACE study, just by doing 50-minute power yoga session you can burn 237 calories. But if you do regular yoga that not gonna more help than power yoga in terms of calories burned.

#8 Myth-More Time Better In Gym

Fact- Scheduling in rest days is vital, never be a rat in the gym. Your body needs time to recover and prepare, especially after rigorous activity. Like if you working out every day, especially, if you are a beginner, you can on the wrong path and can injure yourself and overtrain.
On the other hand, if you are advanced has been more than 1-3 years that is a separate matter. Simply, keep your workout varied, and never “put too many eggs in one basket”

#9 Myth-Exercise Is The Best Way To Lose Weight

Fact-Exercise is not the one thing that you can only rely on. There are other things that you have to focus on like your eating habits. This is the utter myth. However, if you want to see significant changes, change your lifestyle simply.
Remember, your nutrition is number one source to get back to you in shape and it plays a very major role in everyone’s life. Being active regularly is a vital part of any healthy life, Now onwards, if anyone tells you, that doing exercise is the best way to lose weight, ignore them and first fix your overall nutrition then move on.

10#-Turns Fat Into Muscle

There are many fitness myths, this one, I’ve personally heard too many times.
Fact- In fact, you can’t turn fat into muscleThere are two different tissues Adipose (fatty) which is found under your skin, sandwiched between your muscles and around internal organs like the heart. 
In fact, muscle mass and fat are two different things; Muscle is active tissue, burns calories around the clock even when you sleep, you can call it kind of like an engine running in neutral. When you go around, simply you burn calories, similar to a car will consume more gas the faster you go. While fat is just a storage of excess energy.
You cannot reduce your fat until you put effort to burn it off. Getting rid of fat and grow the muscles, unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to attain both goals at the same time. If you any doubt about it read-Turn fat into muscle.
I hope these 10 “fitness myths” you have also heard like me. If you, do comment and tell what was your top fitness myths? I would love to hear your response. Thanks.