beginner workout guide
If you wanna know about the concept of beginner workout routine. You are in the right place; I am going to discuss basic beginner rules that every beginner should keep in mind before getting into the workout so as to avoid any injury.
If any beginner reading this post and planning to hit the gym, make sure read till the end and share with your friends who are new to workout.
In fact, before we get into the specific topic, there are a few vital things that you need to understand beginner workout for your result as much as possible.

1. How To Decide I Am A Beginner

At first, before you get into a beginner workout routine, you’ve to make sure that you are actually a beginner.
By the way, if you’re going to hit the workout initially, obviously, you’re a beginner. You can decide if your training period is less than 6 months intelligently and consistently.
Your six months of intelligent and consistent training. It doesn’t mean that you have been training inconsistently for the last decades or using incorrect way, where your results were nonexistent.
In fact, if you’ve been following some sort of perfect designed weight training routine for the last 6 months, then you can surely call a beginner yourself.
Now, as you know what qualifies a person as a beginner, it is high time to understand the proven guidelines that must be kept in mind by performing all routines and workouts designed for beginners.

2. Common Mistakes To Ward off

    • First and foremost, using too much weight that too early, always start lower than your expected capacity and never put your body into tension.
    • Swinging the weight or using momentum, this completely shows that you are using too much weight. In fact, greater momentum always increases the chances of injury and reduces the effectiveness to the muscle that is being targeted.
    • Hitting repetitions too rapidly or going too fast. Remember a key, there is nothing gained by lifting heavy weight. Always try to lift weight slow and controlled manner while focusing on your total muscle tension and force that you produced. By doing so, you can activate both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers.
    • Resting too long or not resting long enough. Both can make your workout killer. For your kind information, the recommended range of resting period is between 30-90 sec.
    • Not using enough weight. Always keep it safe side like if you do 20 reps with a certain weight, it is time to increase a bit. Increase only the weight 5% in one go not more than this.

3. Rules Of Lifting Weight

    • Always start with a slow and steady moment and with lightweight. Over the time increase the intensity gradually. Never try to imitate others, always focus on your ability, not others what they doing. A  proverb in English ” Haste makes waste”.
    • Re-rack your all the weight and replace all your barbells and dumbbells that are used.
    • Make sure, don’t extend your periods of time on a machine. Else, you’re not gonna get expected result for sure. Because time periods matter a lot in between your sets. on top of that, if want to gain muscle, or fat loss or want to add intensity in your workout,  simply lower the resting limit for the better result.
    • Carry a towel with you and wipe off the machine where you performed your workout.

4.  Consistent Strength Training

Strength training provides your significant results in those who’ve tried and failed to check out their fitness with cardio or diet. Remember any consistent training, more than twice per week, for almost 12 weeks can provide you with these benefits.
    • Increased ligament strength
    •  Muscle contractile strength
    •  Muscle fiber size

Beginner Workout Routine For Strength training

1. Warm up- 5-10 minutes/ running on low intensity 
2. Chest Press With Machine or Rode
3. Butter Fly 
4. Wide Grip Lat Pull Down
5.  Seated Back
6. Biceps Curl
7. Peachier Curl 
8. Machine shoulder (Military Press)
9. Squats
10. Lying Leg Curl
11. Leg Raise
12. Ab Crunch Machine

How to Perform

Keep in mind, this is a sample workout plan to understand the rules. Soon I will design a proper workout plan for a beginner. Stay tuned for that.
Basically, this workout is for overall health and fitness gains, who’ve never lifted weight before, or who have no experience in past.
As you can see above, Most of the exercises are based on machines. Because initially, it’s a bit hard to make balance properly, has less pressure in the joints and less stability in the core, which support your entire body during the training.
    • Just to body get used to the workout, perform at least 2 times per week 1-2 sets each exercise. If you are comfortable with 2 sets, you can. Why 2 times only? Because expert says better fitness gains and strength are obtained by doing times per week. However, it depends on your ability to perform as well.
    • For strength gains, perform 8-12 reps should be performed to fatigue. Make sure weight heavy enough as per your capacity so that muscle is tired.
    • Take rest minimum 30 maximum 90 sec between sets of each exercise.
    • One more important thing, It should take 4 to 5 sec to complete your range of motion meaning perform each workout in a slow and controlled way.
    • You can also add 20-30 minutes cardio with moderate intensity. Good for heart exercise and increasing your endurance level.

Important Tips To Make Your Workout Best

    • First, check your BMI (Body mass index) with this calculator then see where you stand for. If your BMI is high go with fat loss else weight gain. Remember for weight loss you follow 3 times this plan by adding 20-30 minutes cardio.
    • Eat balanced meals with an equal portion of lean protein like eggs, chicken, fish, and complex carbs like rice, oats, brown rice and sweet potato, etc. You can have 45-60 minutes before your workout and again within 60 minutes after your training. A big meal is not needed, just sufficient carbs and protein are best.
    • Avoid and junk food, oily food, salty food, sugary food, and processed food. There are all craps and inhabit your growth. Once a week good enough to have your favorite food.
    • Drink around 8-10 glasses of water each and every day for staying hydrated. Dehydration can make you weak, less effective and sick during weight training.
    • Carry a water bottle with you in the weight room and  sip it thought out the workout around 500-750ml
    • This is again very important, keep a record of what you do and how’s your progress is going on. Keep on tracking you every week. According to progress change your workout plan. In fact, some progress fasts some slow.
    • Once you find that you are on the way to being fit, you can take your progress pictures to keep a record along with doing measurements all of your body parts.
    • You can also add 20-30 minutes cardio with moderate intensity. Good for heart exercise and increasing your endurance level.
This is simple guideline for ”beginner workout routine” and i have kept it simple. That’s why anybody can perform easily without adding extra pressure on their joints. soon i will cover more beginner workouts. Hence if you’ve not subscribed, subscribe soon. Last but not the least, If you have any medical issue, i would recommend you consult your doctor before performing any activity.