Hello, friends how are you all, I hope everything good. In this post, we will dive into the benefits of stretching and safety tips.
10 Effective Benefits OF Stretching
Yes, stretching is one of the most effective parts of every physical fitness. No matter who you are, you train or not, but stretching is very important for your injury prevention, flexibility, performance and a good range of motion.
In fact, stretching is the perfect way to maintain your flexibility and overall performance. Hardcore workouts can put a bigger impact on your body in terms of mobility and functionality of joints. Stretching after and before a workout can loosen your fascia and muscles and prepare the body for the intense workout.
However, most of the people by knowing the fact too, they neglect the most integral part of the workout and ended up injured. On top of that, they also avoid warm up and cool down as well. This is the wrong approach for every person.
Incorporating stretching into your daily exercise is said, but along with it in your day-to-day life is as vital to health and body functioning as regular exercise. Because it helps relax your muscles and increase your blood flow, remember, blood carries all the nutrition to the working muscles. And from a muscle building point of view is again good for you.

10 Effective Benefits Of Stretching

1. Improves Your Flexibility

The most obvious benefits of stretching are a range of motion and flexibility. In fact, an effective and strong flexibility training program help reduce the risk of injury and improve physical performance. Hence, by improving your body’s range of motion, your body demands less energy to perform the same movements and also your joints will have flexible.

2. Helps Prevent Back Pain

Always tight muscles can cause to a decrease in your range motion. When your muscles are tight, in fact, You increase the possibility of straining the muscles in your back, in this situation, stretching can surely help your back injury just by stretching muscles.
Incorporating regular stretchering in your life can help you prevent future injury and decrease the risk of muscle strain.

3. Reduces Cholesterol

Maybe this term you would be hearing the first time, that does it help reduce cholesterol? My answer yes, but there is a condition, including a healthy and clean diet, stretching for a long time can help reduce cholesterol in the body. Along with that, it helps increase blood flow that is another lucrative reason to open up your arteries and reduce the risk of cholesterol.

4. Improves Performance And Physical Activities

If you have not stretched your muscles, so your muscle is contracted already, then it will be less effective during the exercise. Performing dynamic stretching before your any physical activities, it shows to help prepare your muscles for the activity. Also, it helps improve your athletic performance.

5. Helps Improve Posture

Stretching on daily basis helps improve your posture. In fact, muscle imbalances are ordinary and can lead to poor posture.  A study found that a right combination of stretching and strengthening specific muscle groups can lower down musculoskeletal pain and promote proper alignment. In return for that, may help improve your posture as well.
Basically, musculoskeletal pain is mostly caused by an injury to joints, bones, ligament, and tendon.

6. Helps Improves Energy Levels

Many at times, you may have trouble staying awake. If you feel in this way then you’ve to get out of your bed and do some stretches to boost up your energy also you will feel so relax. Give a shot whenever you feel something like that.

7. Helps Calm Your Mind

Stretching on a regular basis not only helps increase your flexibility and performance, but it can also calm your mind when you stretch and focus on meditation exercises.

8. Reduces Soreness

Stretching is great to reduce soreness, before and after a workout helps release the tension from your muscles and relax them. Because of increased blood flow, nutrients supply to the working muscles and relieve soreness in the muscles.

9. Improves Your Range Of Motion

Actually, Stretching gives you a full range of motion and freedom of movement. Therefore, stretching has the ability to increase your range of motion.
study found that both dynamic and static stretching is absolutely effective.

10. Boost Your Blood Circulation

As I mentioned above, it increases blood flow to the muscles. It not only will aid to reduce post-workout soreness but also improve overall health. The more blood flow, the more it helps promote organ function and cell growth. And your heart and blood pressure will also even and consistent.

Types Of Stretching

In fact, there are a few types of stretching techniques, comprising-
  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • Passive
  • Active
  • Ballistic 
  • PNF
But out of these stretching techniques, the most commonly used stretches form dynamic and static stretching:-
1. Dynamic Stretching– This type of stretching is active stretching movements and are fast coordinated. And this stretch is not held for a long duration. This is very quick and fast for about 2-3 sec only. And yes, this stretching is done before exercise to get your muscles ready.
2. Static Stretching- This stretching is done in a comfortable position for a period of time, between 10 to 20-sec hold. This form of stretching is more profitable after your exercise to loosen your muscle tightness.