When you think of oatmeal, you most likely think of weekday mornings — it's a hearty breakfast that keeps you full on busy days. Weekends are reserved for pancakes and eggs, right? Well, I encourage you to set aside a Saturday for this particular oatmeal, as it's as special as that short stack. 
Made extra creamy with whole milk and pumpkin purée, spiced with cinnamon and ginger, sweetened with maple syrup, and finished with heavy cream, it's the coziest way to warm up on a fall morning — particularly on those fall mornings where you can keep your slippers on for a little bit longer and pour yourself a second cup of coffee without rushing out the door.  

Make-Ahead Oats That Celebrate the Weekend

The thing with weekend mornings is that as much as you want to dig into breakfast that feels a little more special than what you eat every other morning, you also want to stay in bed for as long as you possibly can. This creamy steel-cut oatmeal is the solution. It involves no more than 10 minutes of prep work the night before and then you leave it be in the slow cooker while you snooze.
The next morning, your kitchen will smell like pumpkin spice and you'll feel like you won fall, weekends, and life in general. All the oats need to make them their best is a healthy drizzle of heavy cream over each bowl. A dusting of cinnamon and a bit more maple syrup don't hurt either.