Kraft paper is one of the most versatile art supplies out there. You can cut off small sheets for individual placemats, or use a long piece as a table runner. Line them up for a full-coverage tablecloth, use the whole roll as a menu board, cut out little tags for food gifts — the list goes on! 
The only issue is that a single roll can set you back $25. While some people might have no problem shelling out the cash, Aileen Allen of At Home In Love found a way to spend a fraction of that price. And then she made this smart command center.
Instead of dropping $25, Allen picked up a roll of painter's masking paper from the hardware store for less than $5. (Home Depot has some here!) "It was the perfect size for what we had in mind, and it looks the same as kraft paper (it's just a little bit thinner)," she says on her blog.
To hang it, she screwed two eyelet hooks into the wall and strung a thick piece of rope through the roll of paper before tying the ends to the hooks.
Now they use the paper for grocery lists, important notes, and reminders for any upcoming to-dos. They can write as much as they want to (and rip off the old stuff) without having to worry about going through the roll too quickly. When they do finish the roll, it's easy to untie one end of the string and replace the paper.
Oh, and while we're talking about things to put on the walls in your kitchen, can we also talk about this heart made of washi tape? So simple and yet so cute. We totally, uh, heart it.
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